Friday, May 06, 2005

Un-Americanism in the South

Mark Kleiman notes that some Southern schools leave out the Civil War or present it with a strong pro-Confederate bias.
There's a case to be made for teaching children, especially young children, a version of history conducive to patriotic feeling, and letting them fill in some of the darker chapters later. ... But distorting Civil War history in a pro-Confederate direction has no such justification. Catering to the Southern version of victim-identity politics is obviously bad for national unity. Why are the core red states so damned unpatriotic?
Exactly. It is very, very weird to me that several of the "red states" that have seized the mantle of patriotism (partly to label the blue states as "unpatriotic") are precisely those states that carried out treasonous rebellion against the United States of America and to this day continue to celebrate said treasonous rebellion as part of their regional heritage. Meanwhile, the states that actually led the American Revolution (*couMassachusettsgh*) are tarred as unpatriotic.


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